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What Is 'The Durham Box'?

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Do you ever have a dream that's so good that when you wake up to the real world you feel motivated and inspired, maybe even filled with ideas that should be tangible? Stephenie Meyer did just that with her Twilight series. (You know you watched them.) Well I wish I could say that I dreamt up this idea... well in a way I did, just while awake. My parents always encouraged me to dream big. Anything you set your mind to is possible. No idea is too small, and no dream is too big. Be realistic, but optimistic in your pathway to achieving those goals. Sometimes things take a little longer to come into place, but don't let your dreams get saturated by other people's thoughts or the pressure that the world puts on you from other people's success. Be proud of them while they shine, but don't let your light diminish because you're not where you want to be yet. IT TAKES TIME! And that's okay. I sometimes have to remind myself this while my friends are out there killing it. I'm killing it in my own way. Tackling my goals one day at a time.

If you've been following me for the past year than I'm sure you have either heard or seen the words "The Durham Box" associated with my posts or conversations. I know that this has been something that I've been slowly painting the image of, but now I can finally show you what I have been blabbing on about! The Durham Box is one step closer to being launched and it feels amazing to say that finally. I am debuting the first ever prototype of this community based product today during my friends at Nugget Comfort's and Spruce Creative Studio's End-of-the-Summer Bash at Hi-wire Brewing from 3-6. This event is to celebrate the release of Nugget's newest color (Beanstalk) launch, and it's every emerald green fantasy you could ask for. The event is free and kid friendly. Enjoy crafts by Scrap Exchange, music, food trucks, drinks and maybe even win some amazing prizes, like the first ever Durham Box!

If you're new here. Hi.

The Durham Box came to me while I was in the shower sometime last summer. I jumped out all sudsy, water still running and put a note in my phone of all my thoughts. I didn't want to lose this one. I've always loved the idea of curated subscription or gift boxes delivered to your door for a low cost. Who doesn't like saving money and getting stuff to try out that is actually relatable to your life. So, the journey began. I called my parents, pitched them the idea. They loved it. I started telling my friends and even created an instagram for it to save for the future. Some time had passed and I was getting unmotivated about the project because, hello things take money and bills don't stop just so you can launch a product. With the help of makers, artisans, businesses, shops, restaurants, bakers (you get the picture) I was able to put together a prototype to share with Durham. I am so incredibly proud and grateful of this community and can't wait to see what you guys think. I now present to you, The Durham Box.

The Durham Box

Made in Durham. For Durham.

'The Durham Box' is a quarterly box immersing it's consumers in the community of Durham, NC. Each box will contain products from local makers, artisans, and businesses curated with each season in mind. Discover what Durham has to offer with our shopping, food, and drink guides and enjoy their affiliated deals and specials, exclusive to members.

Those who love the Bull City will appreciate this "shop local" service. Whether you're purchasing it for yourself or for a friend, 'The Durham Box' is a great representation of who and what Durham is. The local products and businesses featured in each box cover an array of categories, ranging from home, garden, beauty, food, and more.

Allow the 'The Durham Box' to help you immerse further into this wonderful, growing city.

Coming Late 2019. Continue reading to see what's in the prototype box.

Come out to enjoy festivities this afternoon at Nugget and Spruce's event. Click Here to RSVP to the event to enter in the raffle drawings. Drawings will occur around 5pm and you must be present to win.

Listed below are all the things that you could take home with you if you win The Durham Box raffle.

(This is just the prototype. Each launch will represent and feature different products.)

What's Inside 'The Durham Box'

Vintage Home South - 1 Hour In-Home Design Consultation

Choice Tattoo - Tote Bag, Stickers, Pen and Car Sticker

Durham Handmade - 4 Pack Sample Soaps, Charcoal Mandarin Soap

Farmluv - Bull City Beer Flight

The Doctorette - Stickers

Sweet Charlie's - 3 Free Handmade Dessert Vouchers

Images of America, Durham, NC Book

Blue Bamboo Hair Salon - $40 Gift Card for Hope Valley Square, Product Sample

Bright Black Candles - Durham Candle

Nouveau Central - Notepad

Baker Street Cookies - Durham Assorted Cookies

Jeddah's Tea - Lavender Rooibos Tea, Daallo Blend Tea

The Zen Succulent - Cement 2.75" Pot/Candle Holder, Air Plant

CR2F - Durham Assorted Stickers

Wonderpuff - Cotton Candy

Thanks for reading! Continue to follow along for upcoming news about 'The Durham Box'.

I'd love to hear what you think about the box and if you know a local business who would love to be featured in this community based product reach out to me for more information.