'One Room Challenge' Spring 2021 -Week 2, Did I Just Blow the Budget?!

Wow, week one of the One Room Challenge has came and gone and I'm starting to feel the pressure of how fast this is going to go! It's been so fun seeing other participants' projects and plans, as they reveal the room(s) they plan on tackling. This week has had it's ups and downs for my projects and for me. The biggest and most unexpected surprise was what happened over the weekend...

Today I'm going to talk about how to budget during a DIY project, so you too won't feel discouraged when half of your budget has to go towards something that you didn't plan for. In my situation, a Washer & Dryer bit the dust at the worst time possible! Now, they've been with my mom for all of my life, so she really got her money's worth with them, but I did not plan to replace them at this stage of the renovation. Over the years she's been hiring a repair man to come out and fix the washer and dryer as needed, but this time there was no saving it. This led to my brother and I's mission on finding the best dependable and long-lasting appliances for her. We don't want this renovation to just be beautiful for her, but to also serve as a home that she can handle on her own with as much low maintenance needs as possible. After researching, we decided to spend a good amount of the budget on a NEW washer and dryer instead of a Facebook Marketplace buy so that they come with an extended warranty. We went to Lowe's and purchased an LG Electric Front-Load Washer & Dryer (this way I can build a work surface on top of them for folding clothes.)

We loaded them up in the back of the truck that day and my brother and I headed home to instal them... or so we thought. With the old washer and dryer out in the backyard like a scene from Sanford and Sons, we moved the new ones into their place. Who knew that dryers didn't come with their plugs attached?! We both stood there dumbfounded and knew we were in over our heads. We gave old repair man, Junior Davis, a call the next day and he was out within 20 mins to fully and PROPERLY instal the new units and even took our old units away. What a blessing!

We were able to splurge on new appliances because I will be sourcing most of the furnishings for the rooms locally and secondhand. The only big ticket items I have planned for the project are the flooring and paint. Everything else will have to stay under budget for this to work! Here are some of my tips on maintaining this.

  1. Set a budget before getting started. Allow yourself a few extra bucks just incase there's an emergency or at least pivot the way you shop to help offset a large purchase.

  2. Give yourself an extra 10-15% spending money on bigger items. This goes for ordering quantity too. If you need 125sq' of tile, add extra incase some arrive broken or you need to practice.

  3. Return what you don't use.

  4. Always shop secondhand first! This helps the Earth, you and your budget.

Now, the plus side of us needing to get new appliances was that this gave me a chance to paint behind the old washer and dryer and to finish setting the new peel-and-stick tiles in the laundry room. I know that you're curious to what selections will be making the final cut, but I plan on sharing the entire design board next week and over on Instagram, so stay tuned! Be sure to check out the other ORC participants here.