'One Room Challenge' Spring 2021- Week 1, The Before

Holy hell I can't believe I'm actually doing this!! The One Room Challenge officially starts this week and I'm participating. *Insert all the emotions* If you don't know what the One Room Challenge is be sure to check it out and other guest participants here. But to sum it up for you, I basically have 8 weeks (June 24th) to start and finish the design of a room(s) - full force before and after. I can do this.... right?!

I thought what better space to redo than a childhood home of mine here in NC. This home is very special to me, because it was my Mema and Papa's house, which meant that my Mom grew up here as well. Not only does she have her own memories of this house, but so do I from when I would visit my grandparents. After my Mema passed away, my Papa moved out and my Mom, Stepdad and Brother and Cousin moved in. The only thing that changed from my grandparents design to my parents was the kitchen and furniture. My Papa updated the kitchen cabinets and paint, but other than that nothing else had changed. My parents brought over their furniture that was passed down to them from family members and created a home for themselves. Fast forward 10+ years, and I am ready to make this home a place that reflects the people who live here and carry on the memories that were and will be made.

Many of you know that this past Christmas was the hardest for my family. It was the first Christmas that my brother and I couldn't be with the family, but also the day that we lost our dad. The house has changed, as it would since his passing and I feel that I need to help design and create an abode that will be functional for my mom - something that she can maintain easily, all while keeping his memory alive. This project will be different than any other project that I've tackled, because of the emotions that come with it. I'm hoping that creating these spaces helps heal a few of the wombs for both me and my family who are helping me with DIY projects.

Drumroll please............... The room(s) that I will be making over within these 8 weeks are the Kitchen and Living Room!! Yes, the largest rooms in the house (what have I done!), but I'm hoping that this will keep my accountable to getting all the projects done on a reasonable timeline and just before summer! I will be checking in each week with a blog and IG post about how the project is going, my triumphs, fails and most importantly the budget friendly thrift hauls!

Will you join me on this journey?

Stay tuned for next week's post and check out the 'Before' photos below.

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