How to Get Your Home Fall Ready in 4 Easy Steps

It's finally Fall and I am screaming with joy! Now if the weather would cooperate here in North Carolina that would be even better. If you're like me and love Fall, then you've been waiting many many months to have chilled wind in the air, pumpkin everything, the changing of the trees and apple cider with every event you go to. What are you doing to welcome the new season into your home?

Here a few of my favorite ways to freshen up your home and get it ready for the most beautiful season ever.

1. Create a Cozy Entrance

This is the easiest way to say to your guests and neighbors that you are not playing around when it comes to fall.

Wreaths are a go-to for any season. I love to select wreaths that are classic, timeless and match my style and interiors. Cotton wreaths have become a big look in the past few years and it's easy to see why. They add that southern charm and warmness to your threshold.

Lanterns with battery operated candles in them (the kind that have timers) add height and "lead the way to your door."

Check more of Eden's home and entertainment ideas on Sugar & Charm.

Pumpkins... of course. You can NEVER have too many pumpkins on your porch. More the better, I always say. Liz Marie from Liz Marie Blog always takes my breath away with her styled porches, especially in the Fall.

Mums aren't for everyone, but I think they are a pumpkins best friend, even if they don't last too long.

Check out Liz's blog to get inspired on how to create your own pumpkin patch porch.

My last tip for the entrance is layering your doormat! I love the look of layered rugs in the home, so why not on the outside too? It's a simple task that cost an extra $10 and adds so much to your doorstep. I love the way that it adds dimension and uniqueness, like this one from Michele from Sweet Threads Design.

2. Clean Your House & Light Candles

Giving your home a deep clean is the best way to say goodbye to the summer dirt and hello to fresh fall activities. It's always a great idea to clean often, but this will definitely make the end product feel even more rewarding. Top it off with a nice rich candle from Southern Elegance Candle Co. My favorite around this time is Fireside or Pumpkin Souffle.

3. Introduce New Colors, Patterns and Textures

This time of the year is always so fun to me, because you have an excuse to move things around and alternate them with things from other spaces. Let nature be your biggest guide in this step and stay away from trends.. always.

Play with some darker colors and tones. Umber, rich browns, olive green, burgundy, gold; muted colors work well here. If your space can't handle these colors then do rich violets, plums, dark blue and be bold with lime green.

Look at more pallets pulled by Cassandra on Coco.Kelley.

More photos of this amazing home from here.

Play with patterns and textures! Plaid is the official pattern of the season, right? Mix it with a stripped blanket and velvet pillows. I love how Ashlyn Goldberg has contrasted her soft linen chairs with a textured jute rug and isn't afraid to mix patterns. Layering items creates such a harmonious curated look.

By having a solid anchor she is able to successfully add and take away new items easily. See how she changes her spaces with fabrics, vintage finds and books on her instagram.

Again, let nature be your guide here. Create a space with a mix and don't be afraid. When you contrast tones, prints and feels you're styling like a pro.

For your bedroom, create a soothing statement. Add pops of color to your bedding. Use an old US Army blanket or an antique handwoven rug to the foot of your bed to add texture. Layering your bedding creates an elegant and interesting look.

See more of my bedroom on instagram.

4. Accessorize With Vintage!

Nothing screams trend more than

"IT'S FALL YALL" .... yeah, we know. #sorrynotsorry Try to style with something that you already have, or that may be in the attic that you haven't pulled out in decades.

Amber glass is the perfect way to add color and can be found in any thrift store. Pair it well with vintage hardback books for a nice one of a kind look.

Add twigs or cuttings from the yard to add even more fall vibes, like Kate, from Centsational Style did.

Cassie's mantle is the perfect mixture of vintage and scavenged items. Photo: Primitive and Proper

I've been obsessed with black interiors lately, hence why I finally painted my bedroom black and now is the perfect time to paint yours if your aching to do it. I love the use of feathers, twigs and antlers in spaces, especially when in front of Cassie's (Primitive and Proper) black wall. It makes the room seem so full of depth and worldly. Think of all the conversations these items will start up.

Fall is the perfect time to add in or arrange your brass items differently. Brass has had its moment in the past, but its coming back strong thanks to thrift stores and Etsy. If you don't think that your room can handle a lot of brass or metal, test it this season. Maybe put an arrangement in one or sit a candle on a tray, like the one pictured here from our bedroom. You don't have to go overboard, but a sprinkle will look nice and compliment those rich fall colors.


With these simple tricks and tips you too can create a fall look easily without splurging at a big box store. This fall I want to see more classic and unique decor, even if it's mixed in with a "It's Fall Yall" pillow.

So, how are you styling your spaces for the most beautiful season?

Until next time,




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