'Have Yourself A Merry Shiplap Christmas'

December 2019 Issue

Meet the Home Owner:

The lights are beginning to fill the trees and the people are beaming with holiday cheer now that Thanksgiving is over and December is finally here!

Okay... I'm no Dr. Seuss, but our December feature sure brings us a little whimsical fun to get you in the Christmas spirit. Meet April.

April is a mom of two beautiful girls and her and her husband have built this house on 10 acres of land in the Zebulon area of North Carolina. Come inside and see their story.

Her Story

What made you select this home in Zebulon?

We have lived in Wendell/Zebulon area for 14 years now and selected this area because we are halfway between work in Raleigh and our parents who live in Wilson County. We loved being in the area so much we searched for 2 years for land to build on.   

What do you love most about this home?

 The shiplap! It gives a clean neutral backdrop throughout the home but because it is shiplap it offers texture and a farmhouse feel.  We built our home in 2017/2018 and it we looked until we found a builder that would let us do a true custom home, choosing finishes and being able to design our layout was so important to us,  it is exactly as we wanted it to be. 

What is your design philosophy?

If you love something buy it, you will find a way to make it work in your space.  I love adding old pieces mixed in with a modern backdrop.

Who or what is your biggest design inspiration?

I love so many different styles but Dorothy Draper used color like no one else!  

Why is creating a beautiful home important to you?

I'm a homebody so I want my home to be a comfortable space to be in and for it to feel relaxing for me, my family, and visitors. I am a very visual person and I have collected lots of things, having them displayed is imported to me, but I want visitors to enjoy them to this is why I have so many shelves.

What was your biggest challenge in this space?

 Decorating around toys!  I've realize with young children our house will be changing as they grow and we will experience different seasons, right now the toys drive me nuts so I've been on a little declutter/minimizing journey this year. I'll be sad when they are replaced by electronics so I try to embrace it.