Your Complete 5 Step Guide To Shopping Patchwork Market This Weekend

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

If you're looking for something fun and free to do this Sunday then look no further, the Summer Patchwork Market is here!

What makes this market so special is it's ability to diverse the community with it's local talent. Here you will find 60+ vendors ranging from handmade beauty supplies to vintage finds all under the large roof of the Durham Armory, 220 Foster St., Durham, NC 27701. This event is free to attend from 12pm to 5pm and the first 100 visitors will receive a free limited edition tote bag designed by Alice Holleman! Follow along for my tips and what to expect this time around at the Summer Patchwork Market.


1) Share the Word & Bring a Friend!

There's no better way to support local businesses and their work by showing up, and spreading the word. Even if you can't attend or don't purchase a thing, liking, commenting and sharing their posts, art and events helps tremendously! If you can attend bring friends, family, neighbors, your bag boy from whole foods, whoever! It's free!

2) Parking

I know what you're thinking.. "It's downtown! It can't all be free." Well the great thing about our wonderful city of Durham is that they have free parking on the weekends! There is a parking deck across the street from the Durham Armory and Carolina Theater that you may park at if you have trouble street parking.

3) When to Arrive

Even though this market will reward the first 100 visitors, it will be open until 5pm. Keep in mind that most vendors have promoted this event for months now and have a following who will show up and support them early on, so if you have your eye on something we'll see you at 12! Don't worry if you can't make it until later in the afternoon, there will be plenty for you to still see and purchase. These makers stock up for a full day of sales.

4) Paying for Your Finds

Most vendors will accept cash, cards and sometimes checks, but this does not mean that they are ATM's. It is better to bring cash in smaller bills to help your favorite vendors from running out of change for larger transactions. There are no ATM's at the Armory so come prepared.

5) Meet the Vendors

A1 : Nouveau Central - Handmade Furniture and Accessories & Vintage Finds

A2 : Smart & Becker - Curated Visual Collection of Artists From All Over. Jewelry, Bags & More.

A3 : Motsy Wynn Pottery - Handmade Pottery

A4 : ParMar Media - Map Art Prints & Posters

A5 : Bowl Craft - Wooden Dinnerware

A6 : Lovingly - Edgy Jewelry + Homegoods

A7 : Woodcrafty - Maker of Small Wooden Jewelry & More.

A8 : David Roswell Pottery - Handmade Pottery

B1 : Guest House Pottery - Handmade Pottery

B2 : Muro Jewelry - Handmade Resin and Wood Jewelry For The Hip and Modern Woman

B3 : North State Reclamations - Rustic Furniture and Decor Made Using Reclaimed Materials

B4 : Mike D's BBQ - World Champion All-Purpose Rub, Award Winning Spicy Sauce & Spicy Rub

B5 : lllilll Stitches - Hand Embroidered Home Decor/Chain Stitch Embroidery

B6 : Modique Couture - Functional, Wearable Art Made on Manually-Operated Vintage Knitting Machines

B7 : Kindred Company Goods - Macramé

B8 : Olive and Lou - Handcrafted Apparel For lil Girls

C1: The Concern Newsstand - Printed Materials and Limited Edition Prints

C2 : Papermill Creatives

C3 : EV Gifts - Eco-Friendly Handmade Candles, Soaps, and Scrubs Supporting Employment for Adults With Autism

C4 : Lo & Behold Naturals - 100% Natural Bodycare

C5 : Bajari - Handmade Jewelry

C6 : Tierra Sol Studio - Handmade Ceramics. Hand Grown Plants

C7 : Natty Neckware - Handmade Apparel Accessories

C8 : O.A.C. City Watches - Quality Watches

C9 : Pamut Apparel - Handcrafting Soft, Quality Clothes

C10 : TopKnotch Wood Crafts - Handmade Wood Crafts

C11 : Starheel Studios - Printed Shirts and More

D1 : Rivtak - Maximalist Fiber Artist. Pillows, Clothing & More

D2 : Peppertrain Jewelry - Handmade Bead Jewelry

D3 : Pink Mood Ceramics - Small Batch Pottery & Ceramic Jewelry

D4 : The Bath Place - Handcrafted, Spa Quality, Natural Bath & Body Products

D5 : Little Dog Print Shop - Hand Cut Prints and Fabric Creations

D6 : Humble North Hamilton - Stitcher

D7 : Little Homestead Farm - Handmade Soap & Body Care

D8 : Tylre - Stationary

D9 : Needle & Thread - Photography

D10 : Sume


E2 : Doora - Ceramics

E3 : Lady Pilot Letterpress - Stationary

E4 : Eillisain Jewelry - Powerful Handmade Jewelry

E5 : Mochichito - Pins and Apparel

E6 : Vesta's Natural

E7 : October Forever - Ceramics & More

E8 : Catawampus Press - Print Shop

E9 : Rabblekin - Tees & Patches

E10 : Ocelli Creations - Handmade Nature-Inspired Jewelry

E11 : Yumchi Kimchi

F1 : Sea Love Sea Salt Co. - Hand-Harvested/Solar-Evaporated Salt

F2 : E Henderson Studio - Drawings, Prints, Graphic Design

F3 : Southern Elegance Candle Co. - Small Patch, Hand Poured Candles.

F4 : Marta Mickelsen - Illustrations

F5 : Unpredictable Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry

F6 : Don't Waste Durham - Reduce The Amount of Trash by Our Community

F7 : Fillaree - Reduce. Reuse. Refill.

F8 : Lauren Sumner Pottery - Original Handmade Pottery

F9 : Cottage Lane Kitchen - Relish

F10 : Incandescent Tarot - Tarot Reador

H1 : Caballo Rojo Coffee - Coffee For All

H2 : Chocolatay Confections - Handmade Chocolates & Confections

H3 : Myrrona - Italian Ice

H4 : Mulbery Macaroon Co. - Macaroons


The creator of Patchwork Market and all it's vendors have dedicated their time, passion and more to making this a great "Shop Small" atmosphere for family and friends of the community. Please show your support by attending this Sunday, August 5th and share this event. RSVP in the Event Tab to be entered for a chance to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card, a Handmade Zip Code Pillow or a Vintage Inspired Wall Planter courteous of Nouveau Central. Three lucky people will win. See more of Patchwork Market Monthly events here.

See you there!




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