'Cause You Know I Don't Cook On Friday

Growing up, I found myself in the kitchen with my mom. She would cook, and you guessed it, I would taste. It was always a battle between my brother and me to see who would lick the icing off of the spatula or finish the leftover homemade spaghetti sauce. Let's just say that I had more victories over him. As I grew older, I started to help, especially with baking. My favorite memory is around the holidays, when she would wear her "Kiss the Cook" apron and we would prepare the spread. She would do the main dishes, and I would do the desserts. Reindeer pretzel cookies, decorative cupcakes, and chocolate cake were my first creations. Now that we are all grown, my mom still cooks, but just not on Fridays! In her eyes, Fridays are for relaxing with loved ones, drinking a little, and supporting local restaurants and bars... 'cause you know she don't cook on Friday!'

This blog will be the memories spent in the kitchen, and the food that was prepared in them. I'll be sharing stories, new and old recipes, and tips on hosting dinner parties. On Friday's I'll rest, just like Mom, and support local restaurants. If you're local to North Carolina, you may see some of your favorite go-to establishments featured on here, as well as a few special guests.

I'll see you in the kitchen, just not on Fridays!


This blog is dedicated to my Mom.