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Hey! Hey! I hope you are doing as well as can be during quarantine. I know that staying safe in the house is starting to get to some, but I'm here to help bring a little inspiration & fun to you. I took a walk this morning (alone and at a very safe distance from anyone) and decided to really look around at my surroundings. My mind started to imagine interiors based on nature, road signs, cars, etc. That's when I decided to capture what I saw and go to Pinterest to find rooms inspired by my camera roll. I challenge you to do the same!

How to Play:

Find a photo on your phone of a random object and discover how creative you can be with your sourced interiors. Use the "Layout" feature in Instagram story to post your camera roll photo alongside your interior photos and tag us at @nouveaucentral and #camerarollchallenge2020 so we can see what you were inspired by and the end result! Tag a friend or two to give it a try. We'll repost all entries on our Instagram story for others to see and get inspired. Have fun!

Tutorial Video:


Here are my photos from today's walk and their inspired rooms!

1. Mossy Concrete Storm Drain (I think lol)

I was so inspired by the greens and natural age of this above-ground storm drain that I imagined that it was a cool entrance to an underground dwelling. Of course, it had to have natural materials for the walls and an earthy touch to it with rustic wood and greenery.


2. Branchy Tree in the Middle of Dried Up Creek

Right when I saw this tree it instantly reminded me of an atrium. I dreamt of bringing the outdoors inside or a lovely patio. I love how the homes have designed spaces around the trees instead of cutting them down. Who doesn't want to live in a treehouse anyway!


  • My photo.

  • Pinterest (couldn't find the adequate source)

  • @alterstudio

3. Crosswalk

I love crisp lines found in interiors. You'll never be able to look at a crosswalk again without thinking of a classic wallpaper or bedsheet. Sorry, not sorry!


4. Wooden Barn

Barns just do something to me. The coziness that they bring is reflected in these two sourced photos. If I could choose a quarantine bunker this would be it.


5. Metal Railing

This pop of yellow in the middle of the trail brought a little bit of joy when thinking of applying it to an interior. I usually don't design with yellow because it could be... a choice. However, I have seen it done perfectly in friends' homes, especially when it's in a nice wallpaper or a mustard sofa. I love the idea of it being a backsplash tile in a kitchen.


6. The Sky Above

One of my favorite things is to look up. It reminds me that there is so much beyond my eye level; birds, planes, trees, space, stars. When I captured this, I imagined a skylight above me while laying in bed or working from home. Skylights are a great way to open up a space and bring some light and nature inside.


7. Rocks

An easy way to add charm is to design with stone. A stone fireplace, shower or accent wall is the easiest way to bring this element into a space.


8. Bamboo

Bamboo is such a versatile material and can be found in many designs. My favorite is when it's used to create furniture or lighting.


9. Reflection from a Water Puddle

Reflections can be great when applied to spaces. They absorb light from one direction and bounce it back to another, and open a room to seem bigger than it is. The best way to achieve this is by using mirrors, glass, and shiny finishes on furniture.


10. Potted Flowers

I love seeing bold and colorful homes, even though my home tends to not be. There's something about the perfect blend of mixed patterns and hues that makes the heart sing. These homeowners and designers have so much fun and aren't scared to be daring.


11. Facade

This detail above the building's window is replicating window treatment. It adds a bit of softness and classic design, like curtains do to a space.


12. Old Train Bridge

I love this old bridge, just as much as I love arches in walkways. My dream home happens to have a few of these.


13. Abandoned Workshop

Speaking of dreams, this old industrial workshop is one of them! I want nothing more than to win the lottery so that I may buy this abandoned building and turn it into the perfect city loft. If you happen to win, I'll help you spend your winnings!



Thanks for playing! I hope you have fun and that this brings you a little joy during this time. Don't forget to follow along and tag us at @nouveaucentral & #camerarollchallenge2020.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Stay well.

- Cameron


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