'A Timeless Christmas'


December 2017 Issue

I am so excited to finally share this house with you guys! I've given you sneak peeks for several months now on social media and so many of you have shared and expressed your love for the green door vignette above. Now you'll be able to see this door with the rest of its charming house. (Just wait until you see the front doors!) I sat down with the home owners, who we will respectfully keep anonymous, and they shared their story and tips on how you can create your own story-telling space, with a holiday twist. 


How/Why did you choose this house?

I knew the house had potential with good bones. I envisioned the changes I wanted for the home and knew the results would be the classic style I was looking for.

Why Durham and this location?

Durham has always been my home. We enjoy this area, where we are close enough to the city and shops but still secluded in peace with our land with family near. We love having local parks and hiking trails near by as well.



What do you love most about your house?

It is timeless and comfortable.  I love how the interior and exterior come together. I love to create the landscape just as creating the interiors.  Marrying the inside and outside together creates a feel of harmony.  I love all details. I love how open it is.  It is not grand but perfect in size.



What is your design philosophy?

I like to mix formal with casual.  It creates an elegant style that is warm and comfortable.  I never purchase a room all at once.  I love to create over time.  Often when I purchase an item for a particular space, I bring it home and decide it works better in a space not initially intended.  I do not like trends as they never last.  I don't get caught up in perfection.  "Wear" means pieces have been loved.  I love mirrors, lots of them.  I love the feel of history in pieces and pieces from different regions. Whether it be in the furniture pieces, artwork, accessories, light fixtures or fabric treatment, it is all about balance and creating the perfect mix.  Balance is as important as choosing your pieces.  You have to know where your eye needs to settle.  When you have this mix, it becomes a one-of-a-kind look. Blending styles helps to create an eclectic home resulting in a timeless and classic style.  



Who is your biggest inspiration (designers and influencers)? 

I do not have any one person.  I admire anyone with a good eye whether it is my taste or not.  I just love the beauty of any well designed home.

Why is creating a beautiful home important to you?

I won't say it is important but I do believe creating a beautiful home makes people want to come in and stay for awhile.


What was your biggest challenge?

 Living in the home while creating all the changes.  Fabrics are also a challenge.  I tire of fabrics quickly.  Therefore, I have learned to bring samples home to stare at before I make the commitment to purchase and sometimes that can be a long wait.



What is the process when selecting your pieces?

Again, I am attracted to timeless  pieces.  Antique pieces but not all antique items.  Big, small, painted, stained or raw pieces.  Pieces that can move throughout the home and work in many rooms.  Easy on the eye pieces with little fuss.  

What is your favorite piece(s) in your home?

I love my bed, from  the French headboard to the frills of the fabric treatment.  It is a style of elegance.  I love the raw  pine armoir with it's many imperfections.I love my pillows, lots of them.  I love the French cane twin headboards in the guest room.  It's a room for the future and one I look forward to.

Where did you get them?

Some are inherited and family pieces.  Lots are from antique shops and consignment stores.  Some from auctions.  Others purchased new many years ago.

What are your favorite shops?

Any and all antique shops known for their great collections.  Consignment stores such as "Once and Again", "Hunt and Gather" and "Classic Treasures" and with the help with Susan at “Heirlooms” I get to customize these pieces to make them my own. These are my most frequently shopped finds.




If your house was a drink, what would it be? A mix drink.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that.


( If my laundry room looked like this I would actually like to do laundry.)


(Another 'Monkey in the Chair' just like in the November Issue. Can we make this a thing?!)


Thank you for taking time to support us and our blog by reading and sharing this. We hope that you enjoyed the interview, inspiration pictures and tips from the home owners. May this inspire you and your space, especially for the holidays. Nouveau Central wants to thank you and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters to stay up to date on sales, giveaways, updates, the latest blog posts and more. Stay tuned for the January Issue, out Jan. 1st. 2018, featuring a lovely home in Charlotte, NC.


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